• I thought the show Saturday night was super. Loved it all.
    — John and Judy Dzierzak
  • Outstanding performance and a great show!
    — Christopher Atkinson
  • Wonderful in every respect.
    — Victrussell, BD Forum posting
  • I could have sat through that performance a dozen more times without tiring of it.
    — Tom Moore
  • I could not get that show out of my mind! It was AWESOME!
    — J.T. Gazaway

It is exciting, fun and indisputably different. No one else does exactly what we do and offers it as an alternative to traditional event entertainment. Sound originally produced outdoors with many styles of brass horns and a variety of percussion instruments, brought into an arena or ballroom, produce quite a show. Dancers trained to manipulate props and costumed thematically give a "cirque" look to the production. And space is never a problem since the room itself becomes our stage.

  • Super Bowl 50
  • Monsters University Soundtrack
  • Nike TV Commercial
  • Method TV Commercial
  • Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • SF 49ers
  • Salesforce Tradeshows
  • Maynard Ferguson
  • Stan Kenton
  • Buddy Rich
  • many more…